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tv   [untitled]    February 23, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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organizations that are listed as to, you know, i don't think that you have to get too nitpicky or whatever you have to have a lot of options. that is the thing, i know for example, japan town, going in to the business next door is not what i consider community out reach and that was from an applicant who had been caught lying about being opened after hours and who the owners were and when these things had come up and time and time those are the people who do not have the ability to do community out reach. i think that that is why i'm questioning why there is not this ability to have it a little more formal. >> right. >> i think that the question though is a little bit like do you hold their hand through that process and give them such a strong template that everyone does that well? and therefore, that means that they did good community out
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reach? or do we just let the status quo be and realize that there is going to be these lieers or people that have not done the out reach and we say, hey you don't get a permit or come back to us in a month. you can, did you not yet. >> othat... >> that is sort of what i wanted to do. and the reason that i say that is there are two representatives from the community. >> sure. >> one from the mayor's office and one from the supervisors, so obviously it is enough to have two representatives so this should be some reason we are here and some ability to say, hey, you don't get a permit until you do your due diligence. >> and part of it is not the quantity, it is the quality of neighborhood out reach. >> so, to the next door and say, not divulging what it is that they are asking for a merit. it needs to be more quality type of permits out reach.
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suggest to the chair that the subcommittee gets to dig into and understand what the commission's request is, and what actually is done, and what is done in the other departments and do the reach here and now we have run into this numerous times and it comes up and it is obviously, an unanswered question. and it may not in the end result in something that makes all of you happy, again, we have had this conversation, it is set up here so that you guys are not going to agree on everything. >> but, it seems like maybe we need to do a little more research, this is now the third or fourth meeting that we have had this conversation and it never goes anywhere. >> i am all for that and i think that we could form a committee tonight. but i do have a question, the statute says, that you shall grant the permit unless the
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following things exist, building health, you know, fire, security plan. those things. that is correct. it does not say, you shall grant a permit unless and you can't grant it unless your neighbors agree. it does not say that. and that would be changing the law and that would be changing or considering entertainment and free speech. and i think that would be a hard road to get. so, i'm suggesting that we do form a subcommittee that might create some policy that this commission might look to as a requirement to make us happy. or requirement towards the conditions on a permit or something like that. but to do the research and talk to the city attorneys and talk to people in general and find out how you can do it within the framework of the existing
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law. is that okay with you? >> yeah. >> will you be on the committee? >> yeah. i would like to explore all option and come up with several options that would be possible. >> who else want to be? >> naomi? >> well, so we have two neighbor representatives just an over kill in it. >> i am not a neighborhood. >> i know that you are not. >> you are. >> why don't we do naomi and glendon and bryant, or steven? >> i am interested to see the proposed. >> steven you are in. >> on the broad way ad hoc we had two neighborhood represents. >> i am in. >> i prefer that it is three, i think that it is a deep and complicated issue that is going to require a lot of research. and i think that it is too much the burden on just two people. so why don't the three of you get together and have why don't you come back the first meeting
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in april. and report. is that enough time? a month and a half? six weeks? >> if you need more time you can ask for it, but you know? >> i need more time i am going to be gone the last two weeks of march. >> how about the second meeting in april? >> okay. so crystal do you have that second meeting in april? >> come back with something. and you guys, set your own meeting and vote in your own chair and stuff like that. okay? all right. >> anything else in questions? >> thank you very much for doing that. i really appreciate it. >> you are welcome. >> any other questions and comments? >> is there public comment on our questions and comments? >> i could see that you are standing there like waiting for that gun to go off and saying, yes, i am ready to come up and talk about it. >> good evening, my name is tstephen and i am glad that you
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are discussing it in something is that i do and one of the starting point could be that your board of supervisors have a list and in order for consistentcy the lists from the various supervisors could be shared so that when an applicant comes in you can say okay, this is a list of lts a working list and at least it is a great starting point. it is kind fp the list does get adjusted because you know there are groups that the new groups form and things of that nature. but, a lot of relevant significant groups have been around for a while. and maybe they have changed their faces. but they still, the groups are in existence. so that is a good starting point. the cu process and the conditional use process, you are going to get out reach that says, okay, it is the nai sayers that say it is compatible and you george to try to prove that. and it is some of those things are tough to prove and in your jurisdiction you are looking at applications filled out in
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entirety and you are looking at security plans and noise issues, and those are the kind of things that you weigh in. so there is a little bit of a difference from the two. and it is always nice that you know, people go through step one and then they go to step two. and i don't think that if you go through the first step that you should get a free pass going before you guys. i don't think that that is... i think that there is still needs to be additional. but it is not as heavy of a burden or a heavy load. this gentleman in district six, had he gone to the supervisor office he could have gotten a list and worked off that list. and he would have been in pretty good shape and some districts have more relevant significant or people that are going to voice their opinions. than other districts. because six has a lot of activity. but, all in all i am glad that you guys are addressing this,
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there is no one answer that fits all. but the activity leads to productivity. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> >> mark graeny again. >> commissioner joseph, you are absolutely right there is nothing in the code that will allow this community out reach and it is really one of the most important things that they can do. they have had conversations about how do you make the industry stronger because they are constantly being bombarded with tax and craziness and labor issues and labor boards and on and on and on and why is it important? everybody who has an entertainment license, i would say that 99 percent of them have a liquor license and it is not in the code to make the community out reach, but how much money is that person going to save by going at the beginning and talking to the alliance for better district six, talking to jane kim and
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getting everybody on their side before they start putting in the protests for the abc because what does that cost them? they get lousy conditions and they have to hire me and spend a bunch of money or somebody to deal with that and maybe they are going to pay the rent for 6 months and then what happens? now they are going into the business weekend and what do they do? >> they start taking chances and book parties that they should not take and bring in promoters and then the police have a problem. you know, in one sense, it is not good to spoon feed them, but in another sense, you got to help these people. because they have so much coming at them and you got to keep them stronger and i think that community out reach is absolutely right there. get them out there talking to people and making friends in the community, and realizing that they are part of a greater community. and help them. because if you don't, you end up with lousy operators and the people that we see up here, because you know i am always here. the people that you see that don't do the community out reach, they come back and they
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are shootings and there is craziness and they don't give a damn, and it is like, you know? and so i think that it is important to help them right from the beginning, this is important and this is who you ought to be talking to and get them out there doing it so they don't get the protests on the liquor license >> thank you, any other public comment? >> public comment is closed. >> commissioners i want to thank, commissioner hyde because our bedazzled gavel is so entertainment commission, it is so cool. all right? >> that was from the harvey milk from for my birthday made last year, by dee lightener. naoe. i am bringing it to be here in the office because other than cracking my roommate over the head i have no use for it at home. >> all right. any items for the next agenda? >> seeing none, i move to
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adjourn. test, test, test, test, test, test >> well, thank you all for coming. it's great. i just want to highlight the program before we get started. all our partners have helped us
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develop this project with that my name is a himself i'm head up the be district program. we welcome president chiu welcome. without further adieu a man who's no stranger to this area mayor edwin lee. thank you. it's great to be here on 24th street i can literally see all the changes and the constant very brnt area.
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it gets crowded up here. i'm glad to join president chiu and the other supervisors who are supporting this neighborhood. all over the city we have 11 of these cb ds thought the city and 5 entire districts. the latest one i want to thank the board for the district that is raising their own money that can really compliment the downtown moscone. the neighborhoods i enjoy just as much because the neighborhood are constantly working to find ways to improve. i'm glad to see public works
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that helps get the permits done for those parks that have been here for 26 years and having funny; right? >> and that's at the way it should be. we have fun where we live and it's always a great investment to have the agencies working together with the neighborhoods association and the community benefit districts to improve and constantly change and improve the streets and uses of the streets as we try to support our neighbors. this makes our city great. i want to recognize scott wiener and david is working along
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broadway and trying to create the newest and freshest districts there. we call it the entertainment district. but getting the businesses up there a little bit better organized so they can welcome the foot traffic and the be automobiles. this is happening all over the districts. it's happening in the valley and others. we have a number of representatives here dan weaver. every time there are those cb ds that are created there's instant on, on going improvements. those improvements are readily
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felt with our police department as well. when i have people actively engaged in people with the streets people are a lot more conscious and they're looking at out and supporting this project. people are relynn themselves with the neighborhood. this makes our city great. i'm here to thank the people and most importantly it is the move that the local merchants have and they want the city to invest
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in their neighborhoods. it's a plea for success. who won't want to be here. it's better than the east coast right now. as we showed off pebble beach and my daughter is saying she wishes here here. i know that supervisor wiener and intent on making sure we have the investments in our neighborhood. when we do that kind of investment we get so much in return. people make their own personal investments and we're going to have a lot tighter city.
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and especially for all the national events we sponsor. we have a lot more people coming on market street they're going to expand on admission mission. we have businesses that wish to establish the cb d. and, of course, we have the moscone strict because they're going to have a way to finance the expansion. i want to thank everyone and recommit to our cities budget and make sure our neighborhoods and city is going to continue to
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improve. thank you >> when you have active communities you have active leadership and there's nobody that has been as strong as our districts supervisor scott wiener. >> thank you, mr. mayor. and wanting chu for being here today. i have the honor of representing this valley at the board of supervisors. i want to start with a shout out to t to the noah valley leadership who have done so much to improve this commercial door demeanor. and this park and two of the
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earlier park i always tell people if you're considering putting in a park go to see our cities parks it's exactly what we need. i know we're going to make this corridor better as we get money from prop b. so, i have the good future of having two of the very best cd vs in my district. and when you are a member of the board of supervisors and you're responsible for helping our neighborhoods safer it's a huge benefit to have the cv ds you have people in the neighborhood
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cleaning it helping to keep it safe and who notice things that might be going wrong before it gets to a breaking point you've got people always there. i'm lucky to have those individuals helping me. it's important in this day and age we know that public budget isn't was it used to be. the department of public works are able to do a lot of works cleaning but there are limits to what they can do with their resources. we try to get more cleaning resources for p w and we're going to try to continue to do that but it makes it an
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essential part of the u equation to have people partnering with our city agencies to make sure that our neighborhoods will save. certainly we have it in noah valley in large part to our districts. we need to keep supporting them and making them stronger and stronger and you have my commitment. thank you >> up next in our program is president chiu and is very excited about the process here. so president chiu >> good morning it is great to be here in the sun and with you're very efficient scott wiener. i want to thank the mayor and i
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have to tell you in the very first year i was exposed to how for this is. i was asked to triple the size of this one district in my first term in union square. supervisor wiener said it's very important that he tripled the size of his districts. but in my districts i have the motorbike man's wharf and we've got make sure that our wharf is safe. i'm happy to announce we're talking about a new you
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community benefit i'll be proposing along broadway but there have been some serious knsz around pope street and whether the financial districts having should consider a cd v. when you have the private partnership and you have people working with our city police department it's important that all of us who are working it to make sure that san francisco has the most gem of neighborhoods for the entire word we're trying to chief that >> thank you for helping us. thank you very much >> thank you supervisor.
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and we know it's comfortable without our community leaders. so, please thank you so much. in our other vp thank you all for coming. i think the original reason for this conference is to tell you in terms of giving you a qualified data. we did a terrific study were what i want to talk to you today about why the cd vs good but in terms of how we change the environment it's more than just changing the city's atmosphere the real magic is because we do
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all these things but it changes the feeling people have a of a neighborhood it gives them a great sense of belonging. it's what cv ds are important. i want to thank supervisor wiener and the mayor because the atmosphere is very important >> i want to thank if you could say just a couple of words? well, thank you very much for coming out today.
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i want to thank the supervisors and thank you to lee a for leading the community districts. congratulations on the moscone expansion i know it was a lot of work for you. and i want to say that she is leaving her post and we have a new person coming on board. thank you for the report and all your work. thank you so >> i have two things actually. first of all, i want to bring up at our policy and governance meeting on friday we had a good presentation from enforcement
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commander regarding muni safety date a. it was impressive the level of data they have and how they're able to use it to try and increase safety on the buses. so, i'm wondering do we have or will we be getting that same level of data for bike and pedestrian safety? i know it's not as easy to gather since i think a lot of those muni calls either involve the police or are 311 calls. but it would be interesting to know if that same level of data exists for bike and ped because it can help in our safety quest. >> we can ask [speaker not understood] reiskin. >> one other item. i feel that from our day long strategy meeting that we may have left some sort of hanging unanswered questions from staff, particularly on the bicycle strategy where on the last page we were asked if we wanted to ask staff to focus on hot spots or corridors. and we don't -- obviously can't stay with us. discuss it today, but i wonder if we need to come back and
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retouch on that. * it occurred to me on this weekend when i was riding that we have a bike strategy, we have a pedestrian strategy, but we don't really have a corridor strategy yet, which i know will evolve out of those two strategies. but, again, i worry that we've not given good direction about how, when it comes to transit, bikes and pedestrians and private automobiles, how are we actually going to prioritize them and how are we going to treat them at an intersection like church and duboce where everybody is going through there. again, i feel like we may have left that hanging a little bit. >> we can ask director reiskin to come back. other members of the board, questions or comments? new business or unfinished business? okay, seeing none, we'll go to the director's report. good afternoon, mr. reiskin. >> good afternoon, mr. chair, members of the board, staff and members of the public. sorry for walking in at 1:02 p.m. and missing prompt start of the meeting.


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